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BC Rich Warlock Maiden Project

My tribute to one of the greatest bands to play a power chord.

The body was purchased as a stripped stand-alone body with no hardware. It wasn't in bad shape, but I stripped the original red paint to start it's transformation.
The clean body was sealed with clear wood sealer to prevent any of the primer from soaking into the wood. Shortly after the primer was laid, sanded, the black acrylic urethane was applied.
The graphic was difficult to choose, but, looking for a fairly simple one to layout, I chose the terminator full body graphic to cover only the corner. BUT, after enlarging it several time, I decided to cover as much of the body as I could. I also wanted something on the back, and the album cover from Peice of Mind as it has always been one of my favorites. Plus, It looks awesome.

The Warlock hardware consists of an original BC Rich wraparound bridge from a Kerry King Wartribe (Angel Of Death!!). I spent the money on EMG's (81 and 85, yes, a Zakk Wylde setup), as I just couldn't overlook that thrash sound for this peice of work. A rosewood neck, and widow headstock finish it out . The body was drilled for a single volume, single tone setup, but I wanted the independent volume for each pickup, so I drilled the fourth hole in they syle of the NJ. After bolting on the neck, I was absolutly amazed at how low the string action ended up being. I was hoping for a looker as least, but it plays like a dream .

Check the pics, from start to finish, and enjoy.